Wake Bespoke is a forward thinking female run empire with a mission to transform
the confidence and clothes of women globally, whilst being down-to-earth and based
in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.

Wake has transformed the wardrobes of celebrities, influencers and a range of
women from all backgrounds.

Wake Bespoke founder and chief designer, says:

I want women to embrace their beauty and bodies and feel amazing in what they wear. From extravagant costumes to couture wedding dresses, from lounge wear to active wear.
I help women be seen, feel amazing and most of all give them the encouragement to wear whatever they want to wear.”

Jordan has dressed the likes of TV stars to celebrities on the red carpet and those
clubbing in the hottest bars in Europe. From party outfits to chic gowns, nothing is
over the top or ‘too much’ in this design house.

She says:

I love transforming the lives of brides, women who are post-op and any woman who wants to learn how to rock her own unique style or simply follow our forward-thinking collections.

From affordable items to one offs, we offer a bespoke service to suit everyone.”

Entrepreneur of the Year 2020
Fashion Designer of the Year 2021

Meet Jordan Wake, CEO of Wake Bespoke

Boss and Chief Designer of award-winning fashion brand…

Jordan Wake, 28, lives in Leeds, UK and runs her online fashion empire from her shop and design house in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.

I am the CEO & founder of Wake Bespoke which is not just a bespoke dressmaker but a female empowerment company disguised as one.

My aim is to make everyone who walks through my door no matter age, shape or size feel amazing in the skin they are in.

I’ve also taught my skills to younger girls & helped them to start their own sewing
businesses previously.”

Social Media famous Wake Bespoke… with influencers, celebrities and her clients sharing her designs online.

Jordan runs @WakeBespoke with a combined social following of 50k. She also has her own Jordan Wake profiles @Wake.Jordan as well as weddings and activewear. Jordan and her team love to share the transformational clothes they are creating for
women everywhere.

Jordan says:

I’ve got my personal social media showcasing all my own outfits, personal development & real life diaries so that women can see the real me.
Sometimes I’m dressed down and shy, and other times I am out there and wearing some of my most flamboyant designs.

But I am always quietly confident these days after my own journey from hiding away to putting myself on the catwalk and now in the press and online!

Jordan also loves to give a platform to other female leaders as she is all for women
to wow and show up in their own authentic way!

Where it all began: In Jordan’s words…

I studied fashion at Craven College in Skipton. I then got a national diploma in Fashion & Design and did an extra year of an art course to build my portfolio for university but then I decided it wasn’t for me and I went to work in Magaluf for the Summer!”

From Volunteer seamstress to Sewing for the Stars

I did some volunteer work with a woman who had a clothing business when I got back and she helped me make my first ever dress on my own – I posted it on Facebook and everyone wanted one…

I also had a job as a seamstress at this time but it was making me miserable as it was sewing boring stuff so I soon quit to pursue my childhood dream of being a fashion designer.

And here I am dressing models, TV stars and most of all empowering real women to look good and feel good.”

Jordan has dressed many reality TV stars and has a premises in West Yorkshire.

Independent Fashion house Wake Bespoke designs tailor-made clothing for special occasions from weddings to proms, from parties to events. Run by stylist to the stars Jordan Wake who has transformed the lives of real women. Whether you’re strutting down a red carpet in a ball gown or you’re active around the house… all women deserve to feel the best, wear the best and most of all be their best selves.

  • Tailor-made Clothing for special occasions
  • Online Sewing Courses
  • Ready-to-Wear Collections

Book a style consultation now, shop for ready-to-wear collections or buy an online
sewing masterclass with CEO Jordan Wake.

Wake Bespoke is an independent fashion brand which creates clothing to make all females feel-good from styling the stars to transforming the confidence of women
scared to wear what they want. Run by social media queen and chief dressmaker Jordan Wake who wants all women to boss their own bodies and wear what they want.

Wake Bespoke is a tailor made fashion brand for real women of all shapes and
sizes. CEO and chief designer Jordan Wake dresses women from all walks of life
regardless of size, age, desires and professions… from a police officer to the cast of TOWIE… She has a passion for feel-good fashion that is made to enhance a woman’s inner and outer beauty. Jordan Wake has over 50k followers online, a number of awards under her glittery belt and there’s nothing she loves more than building her business, wearing gems, bigging up women and transforming the confidence of any queen (or the odd king) that enters into her design studio.

She says:

When people walk into my shop after a style consultation with me, they go from hunching their shoulders to strutting out of my pink palace after realising that I can create any outfit which will help them show up for themselves and show off their best features… all with added personality

Jordan admits that she herself is flamboyant, shy on the inside but outspoken on the outside and loves the freedom to live life however she desires.